I’ve created an excel workbook to help with calculations. I will be updating it as needed throughout the semester. It’s available in 3 formats:

I’ve also created a program for the TI Calculator that will calculate the expected numbers for the \(\chi^2\) test for independence / homogeneity. You can download it here. Or you can code it yourself. The code is as follows:

: dim([A])→L₆
: L₆(1)→R
: L₆(2)→C
: Matr▶list(cumSum([A])ᵀ,R,L₆
: sum(L₆)→T
: {R,C}→dim([B]
: For(I,1,R)
: For(J,1,C)
: Matr▶list([A]ᵀ,I,L₆
: Matr▶list([A],J,L₅
: sum(L₅)*sum(L₆)/T → [B](I,J)
: End
: End

I’m also redoing some of the Statway online tools to make them (IMHO) better. So far I have:

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