Math 59

Book Links Page 3 Abbott and Costello (start at 3:18) (YT) Angela Duckworth Grit TED talk (YT) Mathematigal - Math Major (YT) Page 5 Jo Boaler - How you can be good at math (YT) Page 19 Interesting Numbers (1 to 50) (YT) Page 20 What Are Real Numbers? (YT) Real Numbers - Categories! (YT) Page 35 Faberge Organics Commercial (YT) Wayne’s World Parody of Faberge Organics Commercial (YT) Powers of 2 Page 36 Powers of 10 Page 46 Pattern Finding (YT) Page 72 Hot Dogs vs Hot Dog Buns (YT) Page 77 Are Prime Numbers Made Up?


I’ve created an excel workbook to help with calculations. I will be updating it as needed throughout the semester. It’s available in 3 formats: Click here to download xlsx (for Microsoft Excel). Click here to download ods (LibreOffice or OpenOffice). Click here to access the document on Google Drive. I’ve also created a program for the TI Calculator that will calculate the expected numbers for the \(\chi^2\) test for independence / homogeneity.

Math 119

Sample Exams Slides All of my slides are made using org-mode and then exporting to various formats. Sample Exams Sample Exam 1 Slides These slides go along with the Hawkes Learning textbook, Beginning Statistics by Warren et al. Section 2.1: Frequency Distributions (4:3 format) Section 2.2: Graphical Displays of Data Section 2.3: Analyzing Graphs (4:3 format) Section 3.1: Measures of Center (4:3 format) Section 3.2: Measures of Dispersion (4:3 format) Section 3.