I’ve created an excel workbook to help with calculations. I will be updating it as needed throughout the semester. Click here to download. I’m also redoing some of the Statway online tools to make them (IMHO) better. So far I have: M&M Proportion Simulator Normal Distribution Calculator

Math 119

All of my slides are made using org-mode and then exporting to various formats. Slides These slides go along with the Hawkes Learning textbook, Beginning Statistics by Warren et al. Section 2.1: Frequency Distributions (4:3 format) Section 2.2: Graphical Displays of Data Section 2.3: Analyzing Graphs (4:3 format) Section 3.1: Measures of Center (4:3 format) Section 3.2: Measures of Dispersion (4:3 format) Section 3.3: Measures of Relative Position (4:3 format) Section 4.